Technical Qualification and Consulting

The in-service training courses offered by Fraunhofer IFAM comprise seminars, presentations, and courses on various topics.

Training Center for Electromobility

Through its seminars and presentations, Fraunhofer IFAM imparts application-oriented content on electromobility.

Training in Functional Printing

In the functional printing seminar series we convey current research knowledge for use in practice. Participants receive a comprehensive qualification in both theory and practice on function-integrated components!

Training in Additive Manufacturing

Fraunhofer IFAM offers comprehensive and customized training courses in the field of rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and generative processes.

From Research to Efficient Application

In order for organizations to utilize new technologies and processes, they need appropriately trained employees. To this end, Fraunhofer IFAM offers both technical and management staff a comprehensive range of training courses. This includes seminars, presentations, and courses that can be conducted individually or in combination with each other. Participants with various qualification levels can learn the newest research results and current knowledge derived from practice. In addition, our experts provide insights into their research work and answer questions on current topics. The main aim of all our training is an applicability of the content that extends beyond mere theoretical knowledge.

All our training sessions are in the German language. If you have an interest in English language training events, please contact us directly!