Training sessions »Hydrogen Technology«

Hydrogen is expected to play a central role in Europe's energy supply in the future. However, the expansion of renewable energies and the necessary sector coupling are also changing established job profiles. In order to ensure that the demand for skilled workers is met, in-service training is therefore essential for a sustainable energy and mobility supply.

Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen is developing innovative materials, manufacturing technologies, and technical components so that technical systems for the production, distribution, storage, and use of hydrogen can become more efficient, robust, safe, and economical.

If you have an interest in English language training events about Hydrogen Technology, please contact us directly! We would be happy to develop a custom-fit concept together with you, tailored to your needs, your corporate goals, your internal processes and the current situation of the company.

What we offer:


Hydrogen Training Programme

Fraunhofer IFAM is currently developing an »Hydrogen Training Programme« (in German Language).  


Attendance Seminar »Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology in Mobility«

The seminar offers practical technical lectures, laboratory tours and extensive networking opportunities (in German Language). 


Online Seminar »Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology in Mobility«

In the online seminar, all learning content is taught in interactive online lectures and virtual laboratory tours (in German Language). 


Individual Trainings

We would also be happy to develop a training specifically tailored to your needs - online or in person!

Are you interested? Get in touch with us!