Training Centre »E-Mobility«

Electromobility is a core competence of Fraunhofer IFAM.  In this context, we focus on the development of energy storage systems, electric drives and the analysis and evaluation of complex technical energy systems. In the case of electrical, chemical and thermal energy storage systems, the focus is on material and process engineering aspects. The area of electrical drives focuses on manufacturing technology as well as the conception, design, prototypical construction and testing of electrical machines. The field of "energy system analysis" is dedicated to current issues of energy and heat supply with a focus on decarbonization.  

In addition to intensive research and development, new technologies also require well-founded education and training of specialists. At the electromobility training centre in Bremen we offer you a modular qualification programme. This means that each seminar can be expanded with other related content. Are your interestes in our training sessions »E-Mobility«? Please contact us directly!

What we offer:


Seminars at Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen

Our seminars at Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen offer insights into our laboratories and technology centres. 


Online Seminars

Our online seminars offer high-quality knowledge transfer: practical and theoretically grounded.


Individual Seminars

We would also be happy to develop a training specifically tailored to your needs - online or in person!


Awarded place of learning

The Training Centre »E-Mobility« was awarded by the Fraunhofer Academy as an inspiring place of learning!

Current seminars (in German):


Seminar »Electromobility expert«

March 12. - 14. 2024 (in Bremen)

November 05. - 07. 2024 (in Bremen)


Seminar »Planning and operating charging infrastructure«

March 07, 2024 (online)

November 21, 2024 (online)