Functional Printing - Research knowledge for practitioners

In industrial production, there is a great need for functional structures to optimize the properties of a wide variety of components. For targeted functionalization, specific structures can be applied precisely to the required location on a component using printing processes. Sensors or electronic components can thus be integrated into existing products and can provide additional or completely new properties.

Functionalization is a core competence of Fraunhofer IFAM. Under the lead of Jonas Deitschun, the »Functional Printing« working group researches and develops functionally integrated components and surfaces. In the »Smart Systems« department, the group has comprehensive know-how and the latest technologies with a focus on ink and paste development as well as printed electronics and sensor technology. The fields of application range from automotive engineering and aircraft manufacturing to energy and medical technology.

What we offer:


Seminar »Printed Electronics using Screen Printing Technology«

The participants receive an application-oriented qualification in our laboratories.


Individual Technology Consulting

We would be happy to develop a consultation specifically tailored to your needs - online or in person!


Webinar Series Functional Printing

In the webinars, our speakers provide insights into current research and development on functional integration through various printing technologies.


Workshop Functional Printing

The network event »Workshop Functional Printing« presents current results from research and the user perspective.