Workshop »Functional Printing« 2024

Printed batteries - environmentally friendly and high-performance

Additive manufacturing, respectively the printing of batteries, is a promising manufacturing technology for batteries of the future. New manufacturing concepts that use for example screen printing enable higher active material loads and greater freedom in electrode design. Not only higher specific energy densities can be achieved, but also costs can be significantly reduced due to lower solvent usage, reduced waste, lower energy requirements and lower investment costs in production. 

The printing processes are characterised by design freedom, which also enables completely new approaches in battery production. For example, electrodes can be manufactured close to the final shape or a production line can be converted to a different cell format in just a few minutes. 

Whether lithium, sodium-ion or iron-air, components or entire cells can be printed for a variety of battery types, offering further advantages depending on the type.

Printing technology provides a platform technology that makes it possible to produce batteries more sustainably, flexibly and cost-effectively, even in small quantities. 

In addition to providing direct insights into current research topics and presentations by battery manufacturers and users, the workshop also offers the opportunity to network within the community. 


  • Date: 05 June 2024
  • Location: Fraunhofer IFAM | Wiener Strasse 12 | 28359 Bremen
  • Costs: 560 €
  • Event language: German 


Here you can find the full programme of the workshop with all speakers and presentations. 


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Presentations by battery researchers and manufacturers
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Screen-printed electrode of a sodium solid state battery
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Printing a large-format electrode for a lithium-ion battery