Training Sessions at the Training Centre Electromobility in Bremen

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In our training sessions at Fraunhofer in Bremen, we offer application-oriented content on current research topics from the Fraunhofer cosmos. The courses provide participants with the latest research results and current knowledge from practice. In addition, our experts provide insights into their research work and answer questions on current topics.

If you have an interest in English language training events about Electromobility, please contact us directly! We would be happy to develop a custom-fit concept together with you, tailored to your needs, your corporate goals, your internal processes and the current situation of the company.

Our training sessions currently cover the following topics:

Introduction to E-Mobility

Charging Infrastructure

Ageing, lifetime and safety of lithium-ion batteries

Next Generation Batteries

Safe Work on Electric Vehicles and their Systems

Lightweight construction and fibre composite technology in vehicle construction

Electric Drives

Hydrogen Technology in Mobility